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I have a 10 month old Cane Corso Mastiff.  Very smart, submissive to me, gets along with my the other dogs.  The problem - she keeps peeing and pooping 2 x per day when I'm at work. 

I have a pet sitter visit once per day for 45 minutes.  The mastiff does NOT go at night, she learned that this was a no.  She will hold it until the morning.

I'm not a novice dog owner.  I have 14 years of experience with large and small dogs, with dominant personalities, and some with aggression.   She has me stumped.  Her story - I got her from a breeder at 7 months old.  I figured out that as she was "pet quality", and either was not sold or she was a return (less likely), she had been kept in kennel since she was a couple of months old.  So - she was never taught house rules, to "hold it", and of course relieved herself in the kennel whenever.  When i picked her up it was clear that she had been sitting/laying in her urine.  It is likely that she didn't have free access to water - the first week she would try to drink the water bowl (2 1/2 gallons) in one sitting.  She urinated all over the house at all times if she had access to the water.  She was checked by the Vet the day after arriving - there was nothing wrong, no medical issues.  I worked with her needless to say.
She has learned to drink water in a "normal" way, as the water is always there in the kitchen.  She goes outside and relieves herself all other times - until I go to work. 
Unfortunately she was never crate trained or had a bad experience with crates at the breeder's.  I tried crate training. Everything was OK until I left.  She would roll the wire crate and break out - the crate would be upside down and dog happily in the bedroom (with a gate).  She has done this enough of times to get hurt and tell me that the crate is probably NOT going to work.  She is now a rather massive CC mastiff, and I do not want her hurt/panicked anymore.

I have tried puppy pads, newspapers on the floor, dog "potties", but she continues to pee and poop in the house - the bringing newspaper outside and let her go on it resulted in nothing. 

I am at the end of my rope.  Any and all responses will be GREATLY appreciated.

Mimi Beaulieu
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