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We fell in love with this magnificent breed years ago and finally got ourselves an adorable puppy.  We acquired him at 8 weeks old.  Currently he is 9.5 weeks old.  We have taken him to two different vets
for his initial check up.  Both of them mentioned everything is fine with him except regarding his jaw.

First veterinarian said puppy has minor overbite and a condition called base narrow mandible and will grow out of it and since he is a puppy his bite will fix it's self so nothing to worry about. (First veterinarian was in the breeder's city and breeder's vet.)

When we got back home we took the puppy to the second veterinarian (located in our city) and has told us that he has significant underbite issue and has base narrow jaw/mandible and consider taking his baby tooth out and asked us to go and see a dental specialist as this condition will start causing

holes/injury in the upper palatal and lead to other complications.

So one vet. is saying puppy has overbite whereas other one says underbite both do not agree on the bite but do agree on the jaw being base narrow/mandible.

Currently there is no visible damage to the upper palatal.

Spoke with the breeder and she says it is crazy to remove the teeth.  When I asked the breeder about how will her guarantee apply to this condition if it ends up a medical treatment?  Her answer was

outright NOT Covered at all.  I was not expecting to hear this answer and I reviewed the contract carefully and nowhere it mentions about dental issues I guess I have to take care of all this from my own pocket.  I paid good amount of money to the breeder to acquire this puppy $2500 CDN.

Breeder also said that narrow jaw may or may not lead to problems with eating food as that is too early to say at this age.  And currently it seems like he is not having any issues picking up the food as we add bit of water to his food(kibble).  We currently have him on Blue buffalo large breed food.

I have spoken to the dental specialist's receptionist over the phone and she is quoting me $210 for consultation fee and then another $1000 - 1400 for the procedure and still no guarantee that it will be 100% fixed.  Fees seem insane specifically conusltation...

Anyways would like to know from all the english mastiff owners out there who have enocontered similar issues with their english mastiff and what they did about it?  Did they get any procedure done or let the nature take care of itself and how did it end up at the end? 

I am mainly worried about if my dog will experience pain by not getting any procedure done at this time and by not doing anything right now will it make this condition worse to the point where it can't be fixed?  I will review his teeth issue with the vet. when he is 6 months and 1 year old.

Thank you all for your replies and helping me out.


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Sad to hear this, but I would wait until the teeth are causing a slight issue, before gifting the vet another Porsche payment..

If it works, don't fix it!

As far as an overbite goes with your breeder, if you purchased a show quality dog, the breeder should offer you some restitution, otherwise, unless your dog develops a medical issue, depending on the wording in your contract, they may legally be off the hook.

For the betterment of the breed

"Above all, a uniform type should be aimed at by breeders and uniformity of type can only exist in a proportionate ratio in the purity and distinctiveness in any breed"!.........M. Moore
"If breeds did not adhere to a specific shape, form, and colour range, or if breeders disregarded this blueprint, the breed would degenerate to the point that it would hardly resemble the breed at all. Selective breeding does not just create breeds- it preserves them as well." Breeding purebred dogs inherently means accepting limitations on your freedom to just breed anything...Catherine McMillan
" A reinforced consolidation of the American and British standards could be the basis for restoring our breed to the gladiatorial glory of its ancient past, in capability if not in usage".....Norman Howard Carp-Gordon
"I can live with doubt, or not knowing, rather than to have answers that might be wrong"...Richard Feynman
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