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Just got the boys all retested for cystinuria. Hummer, Brian and Gleason all clear as expected.

Monica  got me hooked on Shari's berries and Shari's death by chocolate truffle cake too UGH. If this keeps up they will have to assign a zip code to my  ass.

I noticed how they come in the most perfect boxes for shipping blood, urine or sperm !!!! Save those boxes.

Yup complete with two Shari's Berries ice packs in one of their foam lined cooler shippers I sent my boys urine off to UPenn for updated cystinuria testing. Now because I only live and hour and an half from UPenn I just shipped the frozen box UPS ground. ( hey I saved enough on the overnight charges to buy more berries ) As I am a UPS shipper I get automatic delivery confirmation updates several times per day via email.
I noticed that UPS took it upon themselves to change the address on the package. So I had to call Dr Gigers lab to confirm they got it or else had to go looking for it on the loading dock before it defrosted. His assistant Angie called me back to say they found the box I sent a bit disappointed to find not only were there no berries in the fancy box, but it was full of pee. A very cruel joke.

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Eileen Durante

A dog, treated with a little kindness, will be your friend for life. How do we reward them? By condemning many to a life of pain or an early death due to various inherited diseases Do we not owe them more than this?
Please support mastiff health testing. Thank you.


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Wonderful news Eileen.

Mary and Cole

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I just got Micah's second test results back --Negative also. His last one was done at the Houston Specialty, but had to send Lily's in for her Gold Health award so did a retest on him and got Lara's done at the same time.  Of course, the girls were negative, but nonetheless if it helps with research I'll pay for the test and add to the database.

It's good to remember that they suggest testing at least 3 times for the males and more is better since it may not always show up on the first test.

Anita Sanders
When you can't see His plan,
When you can't see His hand,
....Trust His heart.
God is too good to be unkind.
God is too wise to be mistaken.

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on the ass zip code ;-). 

Even tho you emailed this to me yesterday I am all teared up again.... you are hysterical!!!  That poor vet tech!  You will truly have to send her the real deal sometime!


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Kim & Bella & Ivon
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