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My partner and I have a 5 month old English Mastiff...who is already 50+pounds and HUGE!!
He spent the first 3 months with just my partner before we moved in together and was spoilt ROTTEN!!
I'm working on my partner and not being so soft with him but there are multiple problems driving me crazy and clearly and my partner is super stressed but has a weak spot!! Lol

Now I do have a four year old wiener dog but they are the best of friends and love each other. However, my dog is trained and our mastiff thinks he is the same size sometimes. Haha

Firstly, he gets in our bed every night. It was ok for a while but he is too big now and spreads out like he owns the place. I want him to learn that he can't just get on our bed when he wants. Yes, my partner isn't helping the situation BUT when I tell him no he cowers and pee's and lays there till you literally have to drag him off.

Secondly, he still pee's and poops in the house!!! Just tonight I caught him in the act after he went outside. I said no and he cowered, pee'd and then ran off into the back room, stuck his head in the corner of the couch and pee'd more. Yes I had to pick him up, carry him to the pee, tell him no to which he pee'd again (and on pee), then pee'd all through the house till he was put outside.

Please know this is a dog that has never been beat or has ANY reason to act cowardly!! He is extremely well taken care of...better than humans.

Thirdly, he is teething. Chewed up my couch down to the wood. After that incident started chewing again right next to me, chewing the dining table..:EVERYTHING!!! He's got teething toys and we've tried everything....minus my partner actually doing some real discipline and training and following through with his discipline.

OH did I mention he is now getting his front paws on the counter and eating dinner I had prepared.

Now my partner needs to be worked on too but I can't have this dog thinking he rules the house and right now...he does!!!

I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow and am going to ask about a UTI but I've never seen a dog, a big breed dog, act so cowardly when disciplined and still continue to not learn at all. Every time you tell him off the bed he plants his feet and acts like the world is coming to an end. He goes off and sulks like you've never seen before.

I could go on and on. Please help [frown]

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It sounds to me that you are very frustrated with this puppy. You may need to learn more patience with this breed. They are VERY voice sensitive (meaning if you raise it or a hand to them) they will plant their feet and not move due to fear, and yes being submissive will pee. It takes a soft voice and lots of treats when they do what ever it is you expect of them. If you do not want him on your bed you should have a treat in your hand and say with a happy tone to get off the bed and when he does give him the treat , praise him as being good and have a bed next to your bed so he knows that is where he is to sleep. Pulling on him and yelling at him is just confusing him on what you expect him to do. They are big dogs so you need to remember just because he looks big does not mean he understands what you are telling him unless you show him what is expected of him. Training takes time and patience and lots of treats and love.
House training is basic. They usually have to go potty after they eat or drink and wake up from naps. If he is going after you have let him out then give him more time to do his business. It usually takes a few hours for food to digest as well.

For instance....have a nylon collar on the pup. If he gets on your bed put a leash on the collar with a treat in your hand and tell him get down as you slightly tug on the leash at the same time. Once he gets off the bed tell him good boy give him the treat and some love for obeying. Positive reinforcement is all it takes.

If he is acting cowardly it is due to your tone of voice and body gestures towards him. They do not respond well to negative. They are sensitive dogs and so willing to please if trained in a proper way.

He is also old enough to start some obedience puppy classes.

Hope this helps in some small way.

Valerie Thomas
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