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I am waiting to welcome my Dogue de Bordeaux to my family in about 3 weeks time. I have gone insane with researching everything she will need when she gets here and planning out what she'll be doing as well.
I just can't seem to find anything that settles on one answer, the best training crate size, the best food, the best walk times and when to start making them longer.
There are so many questions that I have and no where on a trusting platform states one fact about what is best for your mastiff!
So I thought why not ask the experts who actually live the mastiff life.

A big question for me, and I know its largely debated throughout all breeds of dogs, is should I get her neutered before or after her first stint on heat?
I have dogs so I very much plan on taking it all one step at a time and getting to know whats best for her crate size wise and walk wise but food is also another one. 
Best dog food types, ie, raw food, dry food, cooked meat? 
I have jack russels so they are happily fed on any food that they are given with tinned food but I know with big dog breeds for their health they more of a specialized diet. I am very much leaning towards raw dog food and dry food.

Thank you to anyone that would take the time to tell me what worked best for them! I am very excited to have Betsy join me and just want everything to be right for her.

Thank you,
G and Betsy
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