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I dont think its the fact of a higher price for a show puppy as I give a discount to those that will spay/neuter. When I explain it I say its a discount and will cover the cost of the spay/neuter. It really depends on how you look at it and how you explain it.

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I do not separate my contracts by "show quality" or "pet quality". Instead I call them full registration and limited registration.

It is quite simple.

#1 If I feel the puppy is ok but not exceptional it is only allowed to leave here with limited registration and a lower price.

#2 If the applicant is not someone I know even the best of the litter (after I have made my own keeper choice), will leave here with limited registration. If they want to show or breed they have to prove themselves before I will consider upgrading the papers to full with AKC.

Sample contract clause :

In the future should the buyer desires to show/breed the mastiff, the buyer agrees to pay the seller the difference of $ _______ between limited & full registration only after the seller has seen the mature dog and agrees that it is show/ breeding quality. The seller will then authorize the AKC to upgrade the registration to full status only after a new show contract is signed by both parties. Before any upgrade to full registration will be considered, seller requires buyer to provide written proof of graduation from 8 week conformation handling class. Proof must be submitted on letterhead of AKC sanctioned kennel club hosting said classes. Additionally seller requires the mastiff to be shown in a minimum of 3 AKC B sanctioned match shows. Proof of shows to be submitted in the form of show ribbons, photos and/or video. (Buyers initials :________________)

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Thanks Eileen :-)

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I was recently thinking about contracts and wondering about (i) giving money back to cover cost of spay/neuter (if required in the contract), (ii) giving money back if a CH title is earned (with maybe lesser refunds if CGC or TDI are earned) and (iii) giving money back if certain testing is done.

Relatedly, I was curious about having a paragraph that described what would happen in the event of an unforseen genetic problem --- say cancer, cystinuria stones or epilespy --- causes a dog to die before a certain age (say 6yrs old)?  Do you give a discount (or free) puppy to those buyers if the first one they got from you didn't turn out as you'd planned (health-wise)?

Lastly, I was curious about contracts generally --- how long are your contracts?  One page?  Ten pages?  Do you ever require a notary or escrowed funds or anything of that sort?

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