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So my 5 month old English mastiff cross Spanish mastin is abit of a big bundle, he’s terrible on the sofa and always tries clawing at it and trying to bite it, and when I’m trying to train him to stop him it hasn’t been working, I’ve tried clicker training, I’ve tried distracting him with toys off the sofa, and when he does eventually get off after I’ve commanded him to I reward him, but then he just continues, I’m not sure what to do because it’s getting difficult and he’s very stubborn! He’s lost all of his puppy teeth which has helped with his mouthing a lot, however when I’m trying to tell him not to do something he just bites and it gets to a point it hurts a lot and bruises or breaks the skin, I’m not sure how to stop it, he also jumps up and tries to bite when he’s not getting his way, so any advice to help me to try stop that would be amazing, we have tried turning our backs to him and ignoring him until he calms down, and then once he’s showing good behaviour rewarding him and playing with him, but it still hasn’t been working, please help if you can!

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Professional training.  Its the best thing we ever did.  With a dog of their size, its important. Not sure where you are, but in Maryland, we used Off Leash K9 Training.  
Sharon Schafer
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