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Hello everyone.

A large service dog is needed for balance and mobility work for a disabled vet (formerly on the presidential honor squad) who is 6' 4" and 280.  I lead a service dog support group at our local VA and can provide plenty of references through the hospital and our local American Kennel Club. I am also more than happy to provide documentation of his ability to take care of a service dog.

I use a small female mastiff for balance and mobility and he has been trying to work with her at the AKC Obedience class currently going on, but she is only 150 lbs. I think he would do very well with a big, sound male.  The veteran  is highly motivated and attends every training session and comes to every meeting.  He understands the uniqueness of a mastiff and I believe he and a big mastiff would be great partners.  Members of his health care team believe a balance and mobility dog can positively change this  man's life and he will have training and support form our groups. 

If anyone hears of a large healthy mastiff in need of rehoming that would be a good match per above and is within a day's drive from Clarksburg, WV, please contact me. 

With great hopes for a response,

Anastasia Hilvers
WV Service Dog Support Group (Louis A Johnson VA Hospital)
member,  Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club of WV


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I expect by now you have come up with a solution, however...should you be considering a mastiff for this type of job again I would recommend you consider adoption. A great agency not far from you is Mastiffs to Mutts. We adopted a male from them who is going to be taking his therapy dog test next month.
Judi in Ohio

Judi and Phoebe
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