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Hi all,

I have a 16 week old EM and he is the best. I have been reading this forum often along with doing as much research as possible to better understand everything I can do to help him grow properly and stay healthy. What I learned early on was that I wasn't feeding him enough to begin with. Tell me if I am wrong but at his current weight of about 45 lbs I feed him 5 to 6 cups per day in 3 different sittings. I did all the research on percentages of protein and fat and I am pretty sure I have that correct as well (feel free to give suggestions). He was 18 lbs at 9 weeks and had worms, which I quickly corrected and he has jumped to 45 lbs now at 16 weeks. It seems like his growth has become steady, just a slow start. He is growing taller rather than thicker but you cannot see his ribs and he is very energetic. I am hoping that all of this sounds correct, as it is hard to find a vet in my area that deals with a lot of giant breeds. Next is neutering, I have read that I should wait until 18 months to neuter him and for now that is my plan. Health and growth being the main reasons to wait. Any information you guys have would be awesome. I will try to post some pictures of Moose on here later as we move forward. 

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