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Hi all -

My female has been acting really clingy the last week or so, breathing really hard.  Thought it might be the weather since it's been hot (even though she's inside with me in the AC).  Yesterday had just got done feeding her when she came around the corner in an attempt to walk toward me and looked like a drunk.  Balance was completely off, wobbling, then fell over completely and had a tonic seizure for approx. 3-5 minutes.  Thought she was going to die.  Never had one before. 

Brought her to emergency last night and was there 4 1/2 hours.  They did blood work, an ECG, etc., and everything looked fine.  No liver damage, no heart issue, etc.  Vet thought either epilepsy or a brain tumor.  She also has had a horrid smell that she gets when she has a UTI and my male will not leave her alone.  Had a slight fever but nothing the vet was concerned about.  I've started her on some antibiotics I have for her to see if that helps with the smell, but she can hardly walk when she gets up from sleeping (which she's been doing a lot of) but gets better after moving around a bit.  She's always had hip issues, but it's been nothing like this.  It's like her back legs don't want to work and her front ones are stiff.  Couple of times a day she seems incredibly anxious and sort of walks around the room like she wants to lay down but can't.  Finally lays down but it's just not normal behavior for her..  Not sure if she may be in pain or what the hell is going on!  My male has been constantly trying to mount her (she's spayed) due to this smell and I am wondering if perhaps she may have a spinal injury from his jumping all over her?  Wouldn't account for the seizure, though.  Plan on bringing her back to the vet tomorrow but wondering if these symptoms ring a bell for anyone out there??? She is a rescue Mastiff so I don't know her lineage, but she is my favorite girl and I can't stand the thought of losing her.  Please help ... [frown](  (Live close to UC Davis and am wondering if I should take her there instead of my regular vet since they may have more equipment available.

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Hi. I am terribly sorry to read this. I wish I was of some help. Epilepsy can be in some EM lines from my understanding. If your close to the UCD Iwould go there as well. I am in Sacto myself. I did have a seizure cat once and used Auburn U (Alabama) and it was very helpful.

Mind you also that vaccines can cuase seizures and have side effects so look at your vaccine record. If in the last 6 months I would be suspect, expsially if there was more then one vaccine given at any one time.

I have heard and read that wobblers syndrom? Can also be foudn in some EM's.

Prayers all is well and treatable. I check in every so often here so please update.

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