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We adopted our 12 month old Neapolitan Mastiff - Goofy - approximately 8 weeks ago, from the Humane Society. When we first called to inquire about him after seeing his profile on their website, we were told that Goofy wasn't able to walk and that he'd been rescued from a hoarding house where he'd been tethered, without freedom to use his legs. However, the day we met him, my 8 year old daughter walked into the Family Yard at the shelter and Goofy was not only standing, he was even walking on his own. First thing he did was give her cheek a huge lick.

Goofy and her have been the very best of ACTIVE friends ever since. 2 weeks ago, he climbed his first set of stairs. The improvement in his mobility was miraculous. Then... Just this morning, he just stopped. He can't even stand without my assistance. Just on Sunday, he was running and jumping with his buddies at the dog park.

We have no idea about the full extent of the conditions Goofy was found in, just that he was unable to walk due to tethering. I am devastated by today's turn of events and I haven't the slightest idea of how to tell my daughter. We truly hoped and believed that lots of patience, prayer, and loads of love would be the "cure" he needed. The Humane Society ran various tests (blood, x-rays, etc.) and never found anything visually wrong with him. They never did an MRI though, and I fear that Wobblers Syndrome is the only appropriate explanation. It fits every symptom he's displayed. Now, we just need to plan how to proceed

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