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I am having a very hard time with my new Old English Mastiff.

We got him at 7 weeks in November 2015. I have trained dogs for over 30 years. I was part of rottweiler rescue and helped train problem rottweilers.

I have potty trained so many dogs under a week.

We chose this breed (old english mastiff ) because we love big dogs and we wanted a gentle dog for our child so he would protect her and be loving toward her.

He has learned to sit,  lay down,  back, off, leave it,  etc. But the one thing he refuses to learn is to potty outside.

I have tried everything I know that has always worked with other dogs but nothing is working.

What is wrong with this breed? He is now submit peeing Everytime we try to take him outside. He will poo and pee in the kitchen, on the rug in the foyer, and today while taking him up to our room for bed,  as he was walking up the stairs,  he peed huge in mid stride.

I cannot seem to get a handle on why he won't go outside. If we take him outside to go,  it will take him an hour and sometimes,  he still won't go until we get inside then 5 minutes later he will go inside.

As a breeder of this breed,  can you offer some insight? We are getting close to giving him up.

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Hi! My name is Maria Jensen, and I have had Mastiffs since 1993. I had an import male puppy from Serbia who would defecate when he got scared. He was a sensitive guy. All Mastiffs are sensitive to some extent which makes them great guard/watch dogs, since they pick up on the slightest change in their environments. My boy was scared of generators and going into strange buildings at one point. First thing to do is get him checked out by a vet. to make sure that he doesn't have health issues. Secondly, keep your composure. Do not, by any means, get upset--need to maintain a cool head (since in the dog's mind, he's petrified). It will only escalate the emotion and voiding/defecating.
Positive reinforcement is the way to go. Each time you take him outside to do his business, reward him with a treat or his favorite toy or his favorite rub on his chest (whatever makes him feel better). Then, take him out of the "bathroom" area. You need to stay consistent and prepared to clean it up. Another good idea, avoid the really scary situations, if at all possible, and gradually build up his/her tolerance level to what is scaring them. Also, regulate his water intake and monitor when he needs to go potty. I would take him out early in the morning; (in the middle of the night, if necessary); and late at night for his first and last time to eliminate, respectively. They need to go out at least every 4 hours. On pups and old dogs, I take the water away at 6PM. They have free access all day long, starting with early in the morning. Good luck! Don't give up. All dogs have issues. We just need to find ways to help them cope with us.

Maria Jensen
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Our schedule for him is 1st thing in the morning, 5 minutes after eating, after we get home from work, after eating at night, before bed, in the middle of the night, then over again. When we first got him, he was scared of different textures of ground. Dirt, grass, concrete. He doesn't pee or poo on the carpet, but on the hard floor or throw rug. Except last night on the stairs. We have been throwing praise parties for him every time he goes outside. I have trained dogs for 30 years. The normal way to potty train this dog is not working!

He refuses to go outside. He balks to be taken outside. I have to drag him out. We have to stay outside for an hour before he will go. We live out in the country. Just like where he was born. Away from cars driving by. He will go under our hedge by the house and pee there sometimes.

We are at our wits end
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