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Hi everyone,

I am so desperate for some help here. My English mastiff, Lola, has horrible skin issues. Her stench is quite literally unbearable. (We cannot have anyone over, I feel nauseated by the smell, and am even awakened by it at night if she is close to me.) It is so heartbreaking to have her ostracized but the odor is so intense that she makes people ill. She is 7 now and this has been going on on and off for the past few years (initially being just mildly unpleasant) and has gotten exceedingly worse. We've taken her to the vet multiple times and she is prescribed pricey medicated shampoos and antibiotics for a bacterial infection. (I've also been told to be diligent with wiping her vulva and in her skin folds and have heeded this advice.) At first these would remedy the problem but it was temporary- the smell would always come back in a few months, each time a little stronger than before and the frequency increasing. Now the treatments have no effect at all and even if they did I simply can't afford to continue these treatments for the rest of her life. She also has large cysts all over her body (mostly on her back, tail, and top of her head). She must have 15-20 of them ranging in size from a pea to a golf ball. One on her head oozes puss and blood non stop. The vet tested it (not cancer) and cauterized it but it continues to leak and crust over. She must have leaking ones elsewhere too because her beds always have blood/puss stains. Also where she has been lying will also have a rust colored waxy horrible smelling film left behind. I can't decipher exactly what's causing the odor (the bacteria, the puss, this aforemention waxy film, etc) but we can no longer live like this. Washing her seems to make the smell even more pronounced. We've also tried changing her diet but it didn't make a difference. I've done some online research and saw that these things can be common in mastiffs but no one has mentioned the smell. I feel like it could even be s health hazard to my husband and I and our young children and other two dogs. I fear and have read that these things can be chronic. The only positive thing in all this is that aside from depression resulting from less affection and increasing isolation, she does not seem to be in any sort of discomfort (no itching, signs of pain,etc).

I guess I would like to know if anyone else has had these issues and is there a light at the end I the tunnel? I am in Hell. I can't live with her like this any longer but I can not imagine living without this loved family member. I am so torn. Can someone who knows and loves mastiffs help break this problem down for me. Ive been told numerous times to "just get rid of her" and euthanasia was even suggested which seemed not only devastating but also drastic. I'm in tears writing this- Any suggestions or advice would be godsend! Thank you!
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