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Hi everyone! I'm new here. I have two mastiffs, a boy and a girl. The female is a Neo Mastiff and the male is a giant English Mastiff. I've had the female, Ruthie for quite a while. We recently "adopted" the male, Tater from a military family that could no longer care for him. We've had him for about a month. I noticed the other day rice like things in his stool. I contacted a mastiff rescue group that I had worked with before. They recommended doing Strongid equine paste mixed in his food. And then another dose 10 days later. They also recommended doing this to Ruthie too. I did the original dose and it hasn't been 10 days yet. (This Wednesday will be the 10 day mark.) I am going to do the second dose then. But, tonight when I took Tater out, I could see the worm segments in his stool still. Does that mean the Strongid isn't working? Or does he need to second dose for it work?

If anyone has any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! I have a 2 year old daughter and both dogs are inside dogs. I am worried about him having tapeworms and being around her. He doesn't have any fleas and is on a monthly preventative. Also on heartworm preventative.

Thanks in advance!!


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My experience has been that dogs who are harboring one kind of worm, may have others as well. I would take him to the vet and have a stool sample analysed (Ruthie's as well).

Karen L Cornelius

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Hi there,
first I wouldnt overly worry about your children, it can happen but I am sure your doing what you can and that will prevent any tansmission. (from expierance trying to find ways to treat for worms)

I havn't heard about using that although I do not doubt it one bit. I often use things that do not sound proper. I saw that strongid will treat 3 differnt worms including tapeworms so make sure that holds true for the equine version. Im my expierance treatment is 3 doses. (again I have never used what you are using). When I use OTC stuff I use stongid granuals for my cats/small dogs. I treat 3 days in a row with them.

I would just double check what you are using, the amount and how many times to dose.

Als FYI- raw ground pumpkin seed can help as a preventative.

Good luck.

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Strongid does not kill tapeworms (unless the strongid equine is different than the dog strongid?)
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