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I've been doing a lot of research on dogs these past couple of days. Well, not that I don't know a lot already, just, I've been doing more. I have been considered by doctors and my mother - who is a registered RN - to be 'medically fragile'. 

I have 22.Q Deletion Syndrome which is the partial deletion of the 22nd Chromosome, unlike Down Syndrome - this is only a partial deletion. This causes me heart problems (everyone in this syndrome has different cases so its' hard to identify who actually has 22.Q). 

You can read more about 22.Q here if your interested

I also have Subclavian Steal Syndrome (just watch this video) (though you may have to turn your volume up...) Since so many people have asked me what it is - it has something to do with my arteries, which aren't connected properly, and that causes me to be short of breath, and dizzy which gives me trouble walking. 

I have to use a wheelchair when I'm at school, not while I'm always out in public - because my wheelchair shifts all the time in the backseat and it's a pain to transport. Hopefully I can get a better more compact wheelchair that can be easily portable, since my mom's trunk size isn't all that good... I want to start using it more... 

So run-down: yeah, I have heart problems, pysche problems, (PTSD, OCD, Separation Anxiety, and plus because I'm non-binary i get Dysphoria and Depression), and am on a tone of medication. I've been to the mental hospital before - and I've been to the actual hospital before for investigation surgeries (basically to check out weather i need another surgery or not...) and dental surgeries. 

I can't have oral care without me freaking out because my teeth are sensitive and I have hypo-plastic enamel, something that also comes with my syndrome...  My whole mouth is coated in bacteria cause I don't brush - and my will to live is slowly... Getting worse. 

So that's why - I'm looking to get an English Mastiff for a therapy dog. My mom wants to know how it'll help me, and how it basically wont be like the other dogs (my other dogs are untrained and stress me out as they're too needy and I do plan on getting them basic obedience in before I get my therapy dog). There are several local trainers that offer therapy dog training and basic obedience training, but I hope that whatever breeder I contact can help with at least a little training. 

I'd rather not purchase an 8 week old puppy that's going to knock me down, because again - I can hardly walk. I would rather get an older dog that's trained (I don't want to show them either, just my own personal dog). I can buy a puppy, and have them trained - and when they're several months old, nearly a year old, pick them up then. But I don't want a smol dog that's super hyper and going to knock me or my family down. 

I'm also getting it trained to be a protection dog. There's a training facility in my town that offers two levels of guard dog training. 'Intimidation' or 'Bite and Release'. I don't want to get into a lawsuit with anyone in case my dog loses control and ends up biting someone - so intimation will work. (Though i can lie and say 'you know my dog can bite your head off, right?) And I mean, if it works for Batman and his dog - it'll work for a 120+lb Mastiff. 

I like males for their temperament and I think their more cuddly but when they pee I cant stand how they lift their legs. Even when neutered, they still mark. I know Heidi (my Chihuahua Dachshund mix) marks because she's the Alpha - I can't stand leg-lifting. Plus females are smaller, so I'm going to get a female... 

I plan on getting the dog sometime this year, after my vascular surgery (which will hopefully fix my Subclavian Steal or at least improve my problems). I also want to travel to India sometime next year to visit a friend, he's allowing me to stay at his house and has a futon that's downstairs so I won't have to move upstairs (since I don't do well with stairs). 

Also another thing - we like to cruise. I know cruise lines will allow therapy dogs to board for free and offer 'potties' for dogs. But I've done research and never heard anything about a Mastiff boarding a Cruise Line before. That's another reason why I'm getting a female, because again - leg lifting while on a cruise line I can't handle or clean up. Do you have any suggestions for travelling and portable potties? Like, there are a few out there with synthetic grass that can fit larger dogs, but I don't know which one can be used for a Mastiff. 

Another thing, my mom said she'd need a bigger car for transporting a wheelchair and a Mastiff. We also transport friends sometimes when they come down and visit. Plus family. So we need at least enough trunk space (for where the dog can lie down in the back and the wheelchair can fit without bothering the dog) and in the back - two or three people can fit comfortably. Also, the car will have to fit in our rather tight garage, and get good mileage and preferably be around 20-35 thousand USD. 

I've got everything prepared, I know what I'll pack with me whenever I'm out - and what vest I want to get my dog. So... Yeah. 

I just need to know if there's any breeders near or in Florida (I'm in Stuart Florida, Treasure Coast, near Palm City/Jensen Beach/Palm Beach) I'm two hours away from Miami/Orlando. I could even go out to Georgia, or South Carolina - preferably those are the nearest places for 'far' travel. 

Thank you for listening/reading this long post - Julia. 
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