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Cystinuria Clinics

Saturday, August 22 - Mensona KC, Santa Rosa
Saturday, October 17 - REMC Specialty, Pleasanton
Cost:  $20 (regular price is $40 plus shipping)--all tests must be submitted as a group to get the discounted fee. Membership with REMC not required to submit samples.
If you have dogs to test that won't be at the show, I can give you tubes to collect at home and bring back on Saturday.
Who should be tested:  All mastiffs (male and female) over 6 months of age.  Retesting annually is advised.  Dr. Giger is particularly interested in getting urine samples from dogs/bitches with parents/relatives who are known to have cystinuria.
This is a quick, easy, painless test....just a urine collection, and a great price too. Plus REMC is picking up the shipping costs. I know a lot of us have already tested, but is it time to test again? Breeders, how about your puppy owners?
Please help us get the word out...if you know anyone with mastiffs, pet or show, please encourage them to get their dogs tested.
If anyone is interested in doing a clinic in your area, feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to help you !
Thanks !!!

Patti Wilkinson
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Patti, thanks for posting...wish I was out that way!
Kelly,Collin, and Windie

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For the betterment of the breed

"Above all, a uniform type should be aimed at by breeders and uniformity of type can only exist in a proportionate ratio in the purity and distinctiveness in any breed"!.........M. Moore
"If breeds did not adhere to a specific shape, form, and colour range, or if breeders disregarded this blueprint, the breed would degenerate to the point that it would hardly resemble the breed at all. Selective breeding does not just create breeds- it preserves them as well." Breeding purebred dogs inherently means accepting limitations on your freedom to just breed anything...Catherine McMillan
" A reinforced consolidation of the American and British standards could be the basis for restoring our breed to the gladiatorial glory of its ancient past, in capability if not in usage".....Norman Howard Carp-Gordon
"I can live with doubt, or not knowing, rather than to have answers that might be wrong"...Richard Feynman
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