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hi im new here so excited to read and learn all new things on mastiffs. have a question need some help was thinking of giving vets choice Skin & Coat Conditioner Supplement for mastiff has anyone tried this or us this . please help dont want to use it until i do some resarch on it thanks  
jen fillin

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I have never heard of it but I take everything a vet sells with a grain of salt. I hope you find some reviews. I do add fish oil and that is about it.
Here is a good list, I havn't checked to see if it's on it.

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We just found out yesterday our wonderful mastiff Delilah has bone cancer. She will be 10 years old in November. It started with a knot in her wrist. We had been to the vet in april & there was NOTHING anywhere & her bloodwork came back perfect. She has been given 1-4 months. We were sent home with 3 kinds of meds & told to keep her comfortable. If you look at her - you would think there is nothing wrong with this dog. She is eating well, and though it is hard for her, can still go outside & do what she has to do. I am looking for people who have gone through this & can pass along any wisdom as I am devistated. We do have another dog, Buddy - chow/shepard mix - who knows something is up. It's hard when they say, take her home & enjoy her when you just find this out & you'd love to just enjoy her if you could stop crying. Any wisdom would be most appreciated or if you are going through the same thing, or just some prayers. Thank you. Mary

Mary Tewhey
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