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This email came into Southern States Mastiff Rescue - She is in Ohio, so a little out of our jurisdiction. Can anyone help?  She is in Ohio. I have not confirmed this dog is an English Mastiff by photo, but description sounds likely.

"Before I begin, I would like to thank you in advance for taking you time to read my plea.
Sally is a 2-3 year old mastiff, fawn with a black mask, she is spayed, UTD on shot and HWP. She is GREAT, knows commands, doesn't jump, doesn't chew,potty trained, loves kids, loves people of any kind, rides great in a car, not food/toy agressive, and thinks she's a lap dog. My problem, she prefers to be the only dog in the house. I am a vetern dog owner who has fostered over 200 dogs of every kind and dealt with one difficulty to another. I can't intergrate her into my pack, she and my great dane and  lab, hate each other. I need help, I need to find a place for her, the stress level in our home is too much for all to handle. I am truly heart broken that it is not working, as I am in love with her and she deserves to have a great home and one that she means the most too. I can not find any rescues in the area that 1,) I feel comfortable caring for her type of breed and have the breed expierence and 2.) that do not have other dogs in the home. I am willing to do anything to find a rescue that will take her, I do not consider her to be "dog agressive" as we walk at the park and she doesn't not lunge, growl, lower her head at any dog and she and my male lab have been together and are fine. We have also had her muzzeled with all the other dogs and they are OK, no one tries to "kill" each other. My dane starts it and they she tries to finish it. I will donate and arrange any transportation needs. I also realize that she would need to be temperment tested, obviously if you are states away, I can arange any trainers in the area to help you complete that. If you do not have anyroom in your rescue, do you know who does? I know everyone is busy, works, and have lives of their own, but I would greatly, greatly appreciate any help you can offer.
Thank you so very much, Lindsay Ash

Jill Z

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I don't know of any fosters open who don't have other dogs, but will pass along this girl's info anyhow.
I got a call today about a 1 year old male needing a new home in Ohio today too. Good with kids. I haven't called back for more info yet.

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